Solar Skid

Engineered for all environments


ICS Industries range of Solar Skids provides a reliable and efficient transportable solution, including the capacity to provide solar power with battery backup, provision for an extendable mast, and outdoor equipment cabinets to accommodate communications or signalling equipment.

Designed and engineered with mobility in mind, all equipment is fixed onto one solid platform making it a versatile unit that can be rapidly deployed, and the fully welded hot dip galvanised steel base provides the longevity required for harsh environments.

The Solar Skid can be lifted using a forklift, tilt tray or crane to any desired location reducing on-site set-up time. The lifting points also adapt as anchors when attachment to concrete foundations are required, which can be made suitable for up to Region D Cyclone areas.

  Fully welded hot dip galvanised steel base
  Outdoor cabinets to house equipment
  Fully engineered trailer base frame
  Hurry-up lockable pneumatic mast 8m
  Rapidly deployable with minimal on-site setup
  Can be lifted by crane, forklift or tilt tray
Will-Burt Mast

Will-Burt Mast

Optional hurry-up mast 8-12m.
32RU Cabinet

32RU Cabinet

Twin skin construction.
Fork Tyne Pockets

Fork Tyne Pockets

Easily unloaded by forklift.
Solar Skid System
Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar array system comprising solar panels & frame.
Solar Expansion

Solar Expansion

Provision for additional panels.
Rated Lifting & Tie Down Points

Rated Lifting & Tie Down Points

For use by crane & truck tie down anchor point.

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Solar Skid Brochure

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Services & Support

ICS offer a complete turn-key service that encompasses design, engineering, manufacture, factory fit-out, delivery, and on-site installation including civil and electrical works.
Our depth of industry experience can assist you with product alternatives, technical support, or troubleshooting and general enquiries. Whether you require one or all of our services offered, ICS can provide you with cost-effective solutions to deliver consistent results.


- Drafting
- Engineering

Factory Fit-out

- Cooling Management Systems
- Environmental Controls & Alarms

Warehouse & Logistics

- Inventory Managment
- Transport Management

Field Services

- Trailer Deployment
- Commissioning