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ICS Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of Mobile Communication Trailers and Skids with a strong focus on providing vital communications and access to remote locations. Our transportable range of products offer temporary communications virtually anywhere and our builds are robust and durable enough to handle Australia’s harshest environments. Whilst we have a growing range of standard designs, we can also custom design and manufacture a relocatable mobile solution specific to your project requirements.

Cell on Wheels

Cell on Wheels (COW)

The Cell on Wheels (COW) is a mobile base station used to provide temporary cellular network coverage for high-profile events and emergency situations where existing base stations become damaged, or during natural disasters such as bushfires and floods.

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Solar Cell on Wheels

Solar Cell on Wheels (SCOW)

The Solar Cell on Wheels (SCOW) is purpose built for ‘Off-Grid’ remote communications. It is essentially a portable telecommunications centre with a fold out Solar Power Panel System providing communications for a vast array of services including Radio, Mobile and LTE in many situations.

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Satellite Communications Trailer

Satellite Trailer

ICS Satellite Trailers are deployed in areas where remote sites require satellite transmission for Broadband, Phone, Pay TV Services or other applications. Currently, it is used by Telecommunication service providers, Mining, Oil and Gas companies and Government organisations.

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Mobile Exchange on Wheels

Mobile Exchange on Wheels (MEOW)

After the catastrophic Victorian bushfires in 2009, ICS was engaged to design and engineer a Mobile Exchange on Wheels (MEOW) to get communities back online quickly after a natural disaster. Also used to maintain service while facilities are shut down, upgraded or whilst being reconfigured.

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Solar Skid System

Solar Skids

ICS Industries’ range of Solar Skids provides a reliable and efficient transportable solution, including the capacity to provide solar power with battery backup, provision for an extendable mast, and outdoor equipment cabinets to accommodate communications or signalling equipment.

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Mobile Exchange on Wheels

Satellite Skids

The Satellite Skid has all equipment fixed onto one solid platform making it a versatile unit that can be rapidly deployed to provide reliable, efficient and easily transportable satellite coverage in remote locations for 3G & 4G networks.

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Recent Trailer Projects

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The Mini Cell on Wheels was designed for rapid recovery of mobile network infrastructure when…

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